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Degree Information

The dates and times of the degrees listed here are provided by Councils or your District Deputy. It is recommended that you verify all information with the District Deputy or council prior to attending any degree. Some degrees, such as 3rd degrees, require reservations in advance.


Please click here to post your degree.


Before attending any degree

contact the person listed to confirm any revision(s) in day, time and/or place.


2nd Degrees

Date: 3rd Tuesday of March, June, September and December

Location: St. Martha Family Life Center

Address: 37200 Whitewood Rd. Murrieta, CA 92592

Contact: Team Captain Nick Vultaggio

Phone: H 951-677-2423--- C 951-440-1095


Reg_Time: 7:00 PM

Reg_Fee: $2.00 per candidate

Degree_Time: 7:30 PM

Degree_Attire: Collared Shirt & Slacks (minimun & strictly enforced); Shirt & Tie Preferred (coat Optional)


Financial Secretaries: Please ensure (1) the candidates has his current first (1st)

degree membership card, (2) the GK and/or Proposer brings the candidates 2nd degree

membership card, and (3) Candidate fee of $2.00 per candidate.


Banquet_Time: N/A

Banquet_Cost: N/A

Banquet_Notes: N/A



Date: 06-01-2014
Location (Church/Hall): Council Hall 4228
Address: 15163 Aspen Rd
Contact: Clarence Chatfield
Phone: 760-887-0330
Registration Time: 2 pm
Registration Fee: $3
Degree Time: 3 pm
Degree Attire: Shirt and tie
Degree Notes: Alternate contact Ralph Sacco GK 4228, 760-887-4540 or
DD John Mutschler 760-6461101

Banquet Time: n/a
Banquet Fee: n/a
Banquet Notes: n/a



Date: 06-30-2014
Location (Church/Hall): Parish Hall
Address: 1234 Palm Ave. Beaumont, CA. 92223
Contact: Robert Fontes
Phone: 951-454-7096
Registration Time: 7:30 PM
Registration Fee: $2.00 per candidate
Degree Time: 8:00 PM
Degree Attire: Shirt & Tie
Degree Notes: Parish Hall is located behind the church

Banquet Time: Following the degree
Banquet Fee: Donation
Banquet Notes: None




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